Funding and acknowledgments

This research, film and website was supported by the Newton Fund RCUK-CONFAP UK-Brazil Research Project, 'Challenges and Futures for New Technologies: finding (e)quality in work, water and food in the energy frontiers' between University of Strathclyde, Federal University of Goiás and State University, Goiás, Brazil.

The Knowledge Exchange and Global Encounters grants provided by University of Strathclyde provided further support to engage other researchers and social organisations.

Special thanks should be made to:

  • Federation of Rural Workers of Sao Paulo (FERAESP)
  • Isle of Egg Heritage Trust
  • Kinlochleven Development Trust
  • Fintry Development Trust
  • Shettleston Community Growing Project
  • The Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
  • Common Weal, Scotland
  • Boa Vista Landless workers camp, Goiás
  • Casa da Abelha Co-operative, Goiás
  • Movement of Landless Workers, Brazil
  • Kalunga Quilombo community, Goiás
  • Monte Alegre agrarian reform settlement, Sao Paulo
  • Agencia Goiania de Defesa Agropecuaria, Campos Belos, North East of Goiás
  • Maria Luisa Mendonça and Rede Social, Brazil